Lathe machines are the machines that are most widely used in single and small batch production. The lathes are indispensable and necessary in all productions and any repair activities for agricultural machinery, cars, enterprises from different industries, oil and gas industries, laboratories, prototype industries, ships, mobile repair shops, etc. In professional schools lathes are also actively used, as training in machine tools is compulsory, ranging from the geometry of the turning knife to the latest global modifications, as well as a detailed study of integrated digital control systems.

The design of the metal lathes are in accordance with the modern requirements for efficiency and ergonomics. The manufacturing technology, the incorporation of high quality materials and standardized elements from reputable and proven manufacturers and constant control meet even the most demanding customer requirements. The lathe machines are characterized by high technological, functional and operational performance, reliability and safety. They are complied with and comply with international safety standards.

The functionality and capabilities of lathes are so great that working for experienced and skilled operators would be a real pleasure. The extra accessories and lathe we offer make it even easier to handle a workpiece.

Everything selected so far shapes the advantages of our metal lathes: the wide variety of models and modifications, ergonomic control, huge number of processing options, many accessories and equipment, the shortest delivery times, safety and convenience in the supply of spare parts, optimally combination of price and quality.

Lena Agromashini EOOD offers to its clients universal lathes, Lathes with variable speed control, oil counry lathes, CNC lathes, CNC oil counry lathes