Hydraulic Orbital Motors  (Orbitrols) and piston motors (Hydromotors) convert hydraulic energy (pressure, oil flow) into mechanical energy (torque, speed).
Hydromotors (Hydraulic motors) operate on an orbital basis, in which a wheel with external teeth rotates in a fixed wheel with internal teeth. They are characterized by low speeds and torque

We offer the full range of hydraulic motors production of M+S Hydraulic:

  • Hydraulic motors - light series - MM, MP, MR, MH hydraulic motors such as MM20, MM32, MM50, MP50, MP80, MP100, MP125, MP160, MP200, MR80, MR100, MR125, MR160, MR200, MR250, MR400
  • Hydromotors - medium duty series - MS, MT, MV orbitrols such as MS80, MS100, MS125, MS160, MS200, MS250, MT160, MT200, MT250, MT315, MT400, MV315, MV400, MV500, MV630, MV800
  • Hydro motors - heavy duty series - MSWM, MTM, MVW hydraulic motors. TMF, VMF
  • B / MR, MT / B, MTM / B brake hydraulic motors
  • Piston motors, axial piston motors and radial piston motors
  • Brakes and valves for hydraulic motors - IB, IBS, BR, BT, B-130K
  • All hydraulic motors are available in different types configurations - flanges and shafts for mechanical connection, as well as additional options.

Hydromotors have a variety of applications - hydromotors for tractors, hydraulic motors for agricultural machinery, orbitrols for agrotechnics, hydromotors for forestry, hydraulic motors for forklifts, motors for forklifts, hydromotors for industrial equipment, hydraulic motors for mechanical engineering machinery, hydraulic motors for municipal vehicles

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M+S Accessories

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M+S MAP Hydraulic Motors
M+S MAP Hydraulic Motors

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Hydraulic gear  motors
Hydraulic gear motors

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