Hydraulic pumps can be - hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic piston pumps (hydraulic axial-piston pumps, hydraulic radial-piston pumps), vane pumps, plate pumps.

Hydraulic gear pumps and hydraulic piston pumps are used to transform mechanical energy into working fluid energy - pressure and flow. Hydraulic pumps can be driven directly or through an additional gear (gear, chain, belt). In both cases, axial or radial loading of the pump shaft must not be allowed. Hydraulic pumps are designed with a displacement of generally 0.25 to 140 cubic centimeters and provide a pressure of up to 250 bar.

Hydraulic piston pumps have a displacement of 30-50 cubic centimeters, but provide pressure up to 350 bar and flow rate up to 130 l / min. Various mechanical and hydraulic couplings are possible. We offer Caproni, Industrialaltechnik and M + S Hydraulic pumps. 
Hydraulic pumps are widely used - Tractor Pumps, Agricultural Pumps, Forestry Pumps Pumps for Electric Trucks, Forklift Pumps, Pumps for Industrial Equipment, Mechanical Engineering, Heavy Industry, Pumps for Road Construction Machinery. We offer hydraulic pumps (hydraulic pumps) group 00, hydraulic pumps group 10, hydraulic pumps group 20, hydraulic pumps group 30, hydraulic pumps group 1, hydraulic pumps group 2, hydraulic gear pumps group 3, hydraulic gear pumps group 4, hydraulic pumps group 5, twin-head pumps, built-in pumps, tandem pumps, special pumps, hydraulic pumps with valves.

We offer a wide range of manual hydraulic pumps (manual piston pumps) too
Hydraulic piston manual pumps have a displacement of 12, 25, 45 cubic centimeters. Hand pumps are ideal for use where cylinders need to be powered without electricity or motor. They are used for hydraulic jacks, presses, hydraulic boards and more.

The pumps are available in different versions PRB, PRBD, PBP, PRBC:

  • Manual pumps with a displacement of 12, 25 or 45 cc
  • Manual pumps for double acting or single acting cylinders
  • Double-acting or single-acting piston pump In addition to manual pumps, we offer tanks with a capacity of 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 5 liters, 7 liters, 10 liters.