Digital Readouts for Milling machines and Lathes; and for Grinding and Drill machines. It operates in four measurement axes of 1 um or 5 um depending on the version. 

  • 1-axis vesrion for drill
  • 2-axes (X, Y) version for lathe
  • 3-axes (X, Y, Z) version for milling machine, lathe

Measuring Scales



Compatible with readout Heidenhain

  • Measuring length: from 70mm till 20m
  • Accuracy: 5 um
  • Resoltion: 1 um
We offer two types of measuring encoders: Magnetic encoders and Incremental linear encoder



1. Aluminium pad with a slot for magnet tape;

2. Adhesive measuring magnet tape;

3. Adhesive steel tape;

4. Magnet encoder (cable  - 3m, could be extened by request)

5. Steel connection plugs.

Magnet measirin advatages:
- Easy mounting.
- Unlimited length;
- Flexibility for measuring circle movements;
Mounting requirements:
- Well polished surface before mounting;
- Plate with rubber pad for chips cleaning.
1. Incremental linear encoders to 3m. Cable length to 3m (could be extended by request)